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A Circle In The Sand

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A Circle In The Sand

While alone at night, have you ever been suddenly and uncontrollably overwhelmed by sadness for no reason? You cried without understanding why. Were you drawn to do something but you didn't know what? You felt a struggling urge to flee to somewhere familiar in hopes of understanding your feelings and finding the answer; and the first place you thought of going was where you experienced the last memory of happiness you once had. This happened to me.

At four o'clock in the morning, I ended up driving to the ocean. I parked my truck and walked down the steep steps that led to the shore; while holding on to the wooden hand rail damped with the ocean's mist, I could only feel the cold wind and hear the thunder of the waves crashing against the rocks as the early morning was blacken by the clouds covering the moon. I knew why I was here.

I once spent the afternoon here with my Father. He use to call the ocean his friend. He was a boat builder and liked to watch the boats as they sailed into the harbor. We sat on the jetty rocks watching the huge yachts pass us by with the great sound of the wind flapping beneath their sails. My Dad never had a bigger smile as he stood up in excitement. I remembered this vividly as I sat on the cold sand with tears in my eyes.

Then suddenly I heard a scuffle behind me. I turned to see a lady in white climbing off the cliff rocks as the moon light pierced through the clouds and seemed to make her glow. I quickly wiped the tears off my eyes as I noticed she was walking towards me. She greeted me and asked me why I was so sad. I asked her how long she had been watching me. She replied, "Ive been sitting here waiting to see the sun rise and I heard your cry." She sat next to me and with her finger she drew a circle in the sand. As she rotated her finger around the circle, she asked me, "Where on this line are you and where is God?" I told her I didn't understand her question. Then she said, "Your life is traveling on this circle." Then she indented a dot in the middle of the circle and said, "Put God in the center of your life and rotate around Him always keeping your eyes on Him in everything you do." Then she said, "You still haven't told me why you're so sad." I then replied, "I lost my Father, he loved coming to the ocean and I feel closer to him here." She smiled and looked up at the dark clouds and said, "The sun is coming out soon and it will warm you up. In the light you can make sense of it all better than in the dark. Your Father knows your here." She looked into my eyes and I could see the reflection of the moon shine on her face. Her stare felt like she was looking into my soul. Then she stood up and said, "Keep your eyes on God and everything will be fine." Then she walked away into the darkness of the cliff until I couldn't see her anymore. Then I heard her voice from far away saying, "I agree with you Alex, the ocean is a beautiful place."

I sat there until the warmth of the rising sun shined through the clouds and gently touched upon my face and it brought me a strong inner peace and assurance that I wasn't alone. Then I realized I had never told her my name. I then knew she was an angel.

I go often to the same beach in hopes that my guardian angel appears to me again. This is my inspiration for creating "Nissrine, An Angel's Radiance". Since this angelic encounter, I've decided to dedicate myself in trying to capture and illustrate the beautiful radiance of the angel that touched my soul. We've all entertained angels unknowingly and it makes me wonder how many times have I sat and talked with one. I now have this question in mind every time I meet a good person in either a strange circumstance or just in a normal everyday setting.

Author: Acropolis De Versailles