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I Died And Saw Jesus And He Looks Like Me

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I Died And Saw Jesus And He Looks Like Me

One evening, I dined at a restaurant and ordered something real spicy, juicy and greasy but delicious and I knew I shouldn't have eaten it because I'd pay the price later on that night of hearing my wife yelling in my ear and calling me a dummy for knowing better while she gave me the old fish eye look not to mention a couple of slugs on my arm because I couldn't tolerate anything spicy anymore.

I ordered an extra large hot pastrami submarine sandwich with melted cheese and all the makings for a night to go wrong. I didn't confess to my wife about the sandwich and that night I fell asleep while watching television.

I was in a deep sleep when all of sudden the pastrami came up my throat and I started chocking. I instinctively woke up and tried to breathe without result. My wife woke up and ran to me from the bedroom as she recognized the sounds of my chocking. I signal at her by hitting my upper chest with an open hand to let her know I couldn't get any air in my lungs. My body started to tremble as I was running out of oxygen and my wife immediately reached around my waist to give me the Heimlich maneuver; it didn't help. After what seemed to be a long time, I no longer had oxygen in me and I fell on the floor while my wife kept on giving me bear hugs in trying to help me breathe. She was so scared she started yelling the name of Jesus repeatedly as she compressed my stomach rapidly. I was angry as I knew I was dying.

Then it happened. While on the floor and not being able to breathe nor lift my head, I laid next to our large screen television and saw the feet of many men appear and surround me. They were slightly transparent as I could see some of them standing inside the TV Console. I notice they were all wearing the same dark sand color sandal and their white long robes draped just above the ankle. They seem to be dressed in clothing similar to Jesus' time. I was only able to lift my head partially as I couldn't see beyond their knees so I wasn't able to see their faces. I knew they were men because their legs were hairy and I could even see the hair on their toes. I counted two, four, six, eight sandals and I couldn't turn my head to count the others. There must have been at least 12 men surrounding me. Somehow I knew they were guarding my body and I knew they were angels. I could see the texture on their fabric as they slightly moved while they stood guard.

My wife's shouting of Jesus' name started to fade and I knew I was dying and in desperation, grief and anger, I garbled out in a chocking sound my last word and it was the name of Jesus. I died and I immediately stood in the presence of an infinite panoramic white wall encapsulated in a bright white glowing mist. Everything was silent. I was only a few inches away from it as I looked to the left, the right and upward and notice the wall was infinite in its dimension; I couldn't see its ending edges at all. When I looked down at the wall it was also infinite and I noticed my body was naked and slightly transparent like a spirit as I could see total blackness through me and behind me; I was floating in outer space. I looked at my chest, arms, hands, legs, feet and even check my private parts to see if everything was there and it was. My skin was lighter than usual as though I never was exposed to the sun. My skin was smooth and younger looking and I had a new muscular physic which I never had before. All my aches and pains from injuries through out my life were gone. When I glanced to the left, I saw the spoken words of prayers, praise and the whispers of broken hearts; and they made their way to heaven as radiant bursts of color- all traveling at the speed of light and reaching through this radiant wall of mist. I heard many words spoken all at the same time as they were absorbed in this wall.

I looked at the wall and noticed it started to dissipate before me. In the mist; and just a couple of feet away from me, sat Jesus on a simple white marble throne; bold in dimension yet without decorations. Dressed in a white robe with His hair over His face, He sat looking downward while I stared at Him; noticing the wounds on His hands and feet. He wore dark gold-bronze color sandals ancient in style and I could see His toes, ankles and a small part of His leg and I notice the hair on His leg. His left leg was lowered on the step of His throne while His right leg was on a higher step. I could see the textures and details of His robe and brown skin. I could see the hair on His arm that was expose from the long sleeve and thick robe He wore. Both His hands and arms rested on the armrests of His white bold throne. His robe glowed a white soft radiance. I felt a peace overcome my soul as the rays of His radiance reached out and touched me. Around His waist, a wide gold sash was tied then it looped upward twice and then tucked and left hanging. His hair was black, wavy and thick. The length of His hair dropped down to the middle of His chest and seemed to be slightly damped with oil as a few drops dripped off the sides of His hair. His side burns were long and very curly as though they were purposely curled that way. His hair covered His face slightly as I tried to see the color of His eyes. His beard was black and longer than I thought.

I couldn't quiet make out the color of His eyes as He turned His head to the right to look at a cherubim who suddenly appeared next to Him and was glowing in a bright white light and had the form of a very tall beautiful woman of at least 8 feet in height with white skin and long gold curly sparkling hair and a long white robe. Her massive white wings were at least 35 feet in length. In her left hand, she held a decorative gold and silver breast plate armor while in her right hand she held a large and long double edge sharp sword which looked like it was made of some kind of pearlescent white-gold metal. The sword sparkled in a white radiance. Then He turned his head to the left and looked down over His shoulder at a long trumpet made of the same material as the sword and it sparkled in a white radiance also. He stared at the trumpet for a while as though he was contemplating something. Then he looked up at me and I finally saw His face and to my surprise He looks like me.

When I started to say His name to ask Him a question, He told me something I can't reveal. Then suddenly I was sent back in my body and found myself still on the floor with my wife shouting the name of Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. Jesus... as she rapidly continued to compress my stomach. Then I felt as though an angel blew a strong wind into my mouth. The force of the wind was so strong I could feel my cheeks flapping. I finally got my wind back as my body tried to stop trembling from lack of oxygen. I crawled onto the couch and sat there while I recovered. I couldn't speak right away. My wife held me in her arms as she thanked Jesus and cried. She then told me that while she was compressing my stomach, she saw the feet of men appear around me and she knew they were angels. She told me she could only see them from the knees down as they were all transparent. And an angel's voice shouted at her saying, "Don't give up! Don't stop!"

Author: Acropolis De Versailles